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Hello, I’m Kristin! I’m currently a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Oklahoma and an entrepreneur. 


I landed in real estate after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and not finding any opportunities of what I was looking for in a career.


What I was looking for in a career was to be my own boss, make my own hours, make as much money as I wanted to, to enjoy work everyday and help people. This led me to believe that I am an entrepreneur at my very core.


Being a realtor and having control over my workload gives me the ability to work on building multiple streams of income. The entrepreneur inside of me knew that selling real estate - although a strong and steady source of income - is just one stream and I was yearning for more. The creative inside of me was bursting to get out. 


This is where I jumped into having a blog, resources and my podcast: How it Started, How it’s Going as a creative outlet and opportunity to connect with others. 

Two things that I am most passionate about: working hard to create a life I love and helping others to do the same.


In building my dream life, I have learned so much from the successful people that I look up to that it only feels right to pay it forward and share what I learn along the way as well. 


A few professional accomplishments that I am proud of are the 10+ years of customer service jobs that I have worked at and gained valuable experience from, earning my Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Business Marketing respectively, getting my real estate license, and starting my LLC.


Some personal accomplishments I’m proud of are my faith and belief in God, being married to the most amazing man that I have ever met, and my servant’s heart. I try to do the right thing and treat everyone like I would want to be treated in both my personal and professional lives -  that’s important to me. 


I absolutely love connecting with people! If you want to connect or collaborate as a realtor, a real estate industry partner, a referral, a potential client, etc. please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to hear from you. 


If you are an entrepreneur yourself and want to brainstorm ideas, need a sounding board, or would like to share your story on the How it Started, How it’s Going Podcast, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be happy to see if it’s a great fit and see if I can help your business in any way. 

Thank you for being here! Whether it’s for connecting, for following my journey, for supporting me, or for learning something I’ve shared that has helped you in your journey - whatever the reason just know that I’m glad you are here and I appreciate you. 

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