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Meet Kristin, The Girl Behind it All

Kristin is a 30 something girl who loves all things entrepreneur, owning a business, and personal development. She grew up in a town just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma known as Sand Springs. That’s right, she’s a Sandite. What is a Sandite you ask? Mr. Cooper, her leadership teacher, would say that a Sandite “is the person you want to be”.


Kristin met her husband Drew in October 2012 at a friend’s wedding. They started dating shortly after and in October of 2015 they got married in Tulsa. After that they bought their first home and resided in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a few years. While living in New Mexico, Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the University of New Mexico. They also found their fur baby Lucy, a standard poodle, while living there.


In the Fall of 2018, Kristin, Drew and Lucy decided it was time to move back home to Oklahoma. They fell in love with Edmond, a city just north of Oklahoma City, and bought their second home.


In March 2019 Kristin earned her license as a real estate agent. In October of 2022 she launched her latest business venture, This Little Brand. She created a unique design structured to create conversation, giving real estate agents and business owners the opportunity to connect, grow their network and businesses.


Kristin and Drew love classic films and they regularly go to the movie theater to enjoy those flashback cinema movies. They also enjoy nature as well as traveling. They’ve been to Greece, France, and several U.S. states. They love learning about the different cultures and histories of other places in the world.


Most importantly, Kristin is a believer. She was raised in a Southern Baptist church. Getting dressed in her Sunday’s best to attend church and going to a big family lunch at Mema and Papa’s house afterward is a treasured childhood memory of hers. Kristin is currently in an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiative of Adults) class and will be joining the Catholic church in the Spring of 2023. God continues to be a huge part of Kristin’s life and she’s happy to connect and share with you anything you’d like to discuss, learn or pray about.


Feel free to find Kristin and introduce yourself. She’d love to connect and meet you.

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