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Like most Journeys, mine has been complicated and winding. I have held multiple jobs, none of which turned into ideal careers. I have been in and out of college before finally getting my degree at 28. Still, I wasn't sure what direction to go in life. That's when my husband Drew, brought up for the umpteenth time, that he thought Real Estate was going to be what I was looking for. 


The flexibility, the creativity, the challenge, helping people, etc. He just thinks this is such a great fit.

I’m thinking “well, at this point… Sure, I’ll try it. WHY NOT?!”

I signed up for the class, took the real estate license exam and I failed.  I took the test again and by some miracle this time I passed. I joined a brokerage and began my real estate career. 

I joined an international, well known company. They are praised for their training and education programs. This was not the case for the one that I joined. My experience left me confused and feeling like no one was available to help. I remember reaching out for help with a client question and being told “I’m not available for training on the weekends”. Which is odd to me because real estate is 24/7, right? I was here for around 8 months and I decided that this wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

The experience I had here was a big reason why I decided to help other real estate agents build their businesses once I had the experience. It’s such an old school way of thinking that you can’t help others in your industry. You have to hide and keep secret all of your successful strategies. It’s an extremely fearful mentality and that is not how it’s supposed to be. There is enough money and success to go around and I truly believe that helping others will only help you succeed further.

I found a local, boutique broker. Someone a family member knew and recommended. It was here that I got the training and guidance that I needed as a new agent. This brokerage also taught me a lot about scheduling and customer service. I’m incredibly grateful for my experience with them. 

I fully expected to spend my entire career at this brokerage. It wasn’t until I had an unexpected phone call from another agent that my thoughts had changed.


Enter Micah and Hamudi Mruwat, my agent partners at eXp Realty. Hamudi reached out to me on social media and asked if he could tell me about his experience with eXp Realty. He called me and informed me of all of the possibilities that eXp had to offer for a real estate agent. I was blown away with everything he had to say. 

I was skeptical. I felt like he was probably sugarcoating everything because, well, that’s what recruiters do right? They embellish. Sure, but with eXp you don’t have to embellish. 

I did a lot of research. Like, a lot. I felt like eXp Realty was too good to be true. What I discovered in this research is that it was true and it was too good. EXp had everything that I didn’t know I was looking for to take my career to the next level and I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I made the switch. It was one of the most challenging and exhilarating decisions in my life! I was sad to leave the brokerage that had given me so much and I was incredibly thankful and loyal to them for that. At the end of the day though, this is my life, my career, my dreams and I would be a fool not to have taken the opportunity that was presented to me.


I joined eXp in February of 2021 and haven’t looked back. I filed for my LLC. 

I hired an incredible consulting business to help me grow it into what I’ve always dreamed it would be and even more. 

I’m investing in my business. I’m investing in myself, in my dreams, and my future. 

I’m surrounding myself with incredible and amazing entrepreneurs that I can learn from, and are inspired by, and who help me accomplish my goals and dreams in more ways than one. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story! I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey.

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