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Daydreamer. Entrepreneur. Creator.
Agent. Innovator. Optimist. Collaborator.

Meet Kristin

Hi, I’m Kristin! I live in the Oklahoma City area where I’m a real estate agent and an entrepreneur, building my empire.  I’m focused on building a life that I’m wildly obsessed with. To do this, I am creating wealth from doing things that I’m passionate about, in order to do and have everything that I want in life. 

I am committed to changing the way real estate agents think of the industry, having zero work life balance and just making the sales and getting paid. While I’m working hard to do that for myself, I want to help other agents to do the same. This is the journey...

How it Started, How it's Going

The Podcast

How it Started, How it’s Going is a podcast for the dreamers. It’s all about finding entrepreneurs. We want to know about the days that made them feel like they were on the right path. This podcast focuses on how hard it was in the start to get to where they are now. This podcast is for the people out there who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and have no idea where to start or if it’s worth the leap of faith.

How it's Going

The Journey

This Blog will explore all the different aspects of my Journey, as I continue to grow both personally and professionally. For me, The Journey includes learning new things, creating, networking, balancing, and reevaluating. This is my journey and while everyone’s is different, I hope what I’m learning along the way helps you in your journey. This blog will cover everything from what I’m doing with my business to what I’m doing at home. Any tips, tricks and resources that I uncover to make my life and my career easier - I’m going to share with you here. I also feel like this is the space where we can connect. I look forward to your comments, messages and feedback on whether something I have shared has helped you - or maybe it didn’t and you’ve tweaked it. I cannot wait to meet you.

Keep it Going

The Westfahl Group


The Westfahl Group is my real estate business. I work with a team while supporting my clients efficiently and effectively. We are here to make the overall real estate experience more enjoyable while also focusing on mentoring other agents in their career.

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