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Building my empire one day at a time, and sharing everything I learn along the way with you. 


The Girl: Who is Kristin Westfahl?

Daughter. Wife. Dreamer. Entrepreneur. CEO. Creator. Designer.  Business Owner. Forever a Student. The list goes on and on. You can read about Kristin in the About section of this website. Click the button below for more.

The Podcast: Listen & Learn

How it Started, How it's Going is a podcast show where Kristin interviews fellow entrepreneurs of all businesses and industries. Listen to the stories and conversations they have as they share their successes, their failures and most importantly - what they've learned along the way. Kristin shares her journey as well and how you can achieve success should that be what you are seeking. 

Available where all podcasts are streamed.

The Shop: (This) Little Brand, Big Impact

Kristin came up with a unique design one day after needing a creative break from the exhausting pandemic real estate market. As she shared her idea with family and friends she thought "this can be a great side hustle". Upon further research, this side hustle quickly grew into a full fledged business. Realtors, business owners and really anyone in sales alike are always looking for new clients. As it turns out, Kristin's unique design is not only a cute shirt, but also an incredible conversation starter. It's a way to meet people, fellow business owners, and perhaps most importantly of all - potential customers

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The Blog: Read All About It

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