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The Westfahl Group is my real estate business. My approach allows me to assist my clients and mentor agents.  I am here to serve whether you’re looking to buy, sell, invest, or expand your real estate career. 


The old way of real estate is working 24/7, having zero work life balance, making the sales and getting paid. This way of working is not realistic anymore. Life is too short, we can have it all and have a balance.


I’m working hard to do that for myself as well as show other agents how to do the same.

If you’re interested in working with me as your real estate consultant, as a real estate agent partner, or simply have any questions, please email me at!


What you get from me and eXp

  • Real Estate Trainings

  • Best Practices when listing a property 

  • Guidance when negotiating on your buyers behalf

  • Brainstorming Meetings 

  • Resources - Digital Products & Courses - that I create, for FREE

  • Advice for growing your business

What you get from me and my agent partners

  • Mentorship from my upline

  • Access to all of our courses for FREE

  • Weekly meetings & trainings, masterminds, strategy sessions and more


What you get from eXp partnership

  • Agent Website

  • CRM

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing (Materials that are easily tweaked for your own branding - or you can use exp’s branding)

  • Virtual Workplace (perfect for the agent always on the go!)

  • Collaborative Technology & Workplace (Facebook for eXp, exclusively)

  • Live training and classes (over 80 hours weekly!)

  • Real time support

  • National & International collaboration - referrals to and from everywhere

  • Agents can be shareholders

  • Stock Equity Rewards

  • Bigger Commissions

  • Opportunities to create multiple revenue streams

If you're interested in working with me as your real estate consultant, as a real estate agent partner, or simply have any questions, please reach out!

What they're Saying


"I love it because there's 4 avenues of income instead of 2 and on a month I don't sell a house I still make money. The people are the best part because everyone around the country is willing to help!"

Sarah Smith

“Exp is home for me. We initially joined for the technology and training. Over time the stock and revenue share model become more and more appealing. Exp has unlimited possibilities from the new agent to top team lead”

Micah Mruwat

“I joined and absolutely am committed to exp because I love the abundance of trainings and the people I met in the process of onboarding, such as my multiple friends and mentors which include my sponsor, upline, and people like you! This allows me to stay connected to the pulse of all things real estate and exp! From masterminds both virtually and in person - with all of the exp realty family, for me this was the icing on the cake on top of the legacy building multiple streams of income we all have at our fingertips!”

Tabbatha Kristie Barba

“I joined exp Realty because in my opinion the real estate model is genius. I love it because there are three primary ways to make money at exp: 1. You at work 2. Money at work 3. People at work”

David Mills

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