Learn to Generate and Capture Leads using Social Media


The Social Media Makeover Guide for Realtors®  will show you how to capitalize your social media accounts to grow your business with visibility, credibility, lead generation, and lead capture.

  • Save time with your social media content strategy.

  • Use your social media profiles to increase brand visibility & credibility.

  • Capture leads and grow your sphere of influence.

Successful Realtors® use social media as a way to reach more clients and create a competitive advantage.

FACT: Did you know 94% of millennial homebuyers are taking their search online? (LucidPress)
That means you need to meet your future clients where they already are - ON SOCIAL MEDIA - and build that trust and those relationships. 
Social media is a FREE marketing tool that is available to take full advantage of to grow your business! 
But even though you know this, there are still a few big problems... 

Problem #1: I Don't Know What to Post

So many real estate agents don't even know where to start with posts. What to post? When to post? Where to post? 


Should you post about sales, or giveaways - maybe something personal to mix it up?! 


How often should you post, every day or once a week???


Without knowing what to post and when - all of your hard work and efforts could be wasted. Is there anything more upsetting than wasting your time?!

Problem #2: I Don't Know How to Get in Front of a Bigger Audience

A lot of Realtors don't even realize how to use social media to their advantage. 


Should I even post if I don't have a large following? I'll probably never have a lot of followers. There are so many realtors on social media already - how am I supposed to stand out? 


Isn't there a system that dictates who's posts get seen? I feel like the time I do spend on social media is a waste because my following never grows and no one ever seems to see my posts. 

Problem #3: I Don't Know How to Capture Leads Using Social Media

Several agents know what to post and when, but still struggle to capture the lead! 


I don't want to cold message people online that I don't even know! 


No one will give me their contact information - even if we have a great conversation?! How do I know when someone is a potential lead or just "liking" a post I share?

There IS a way!

​​...that you can know exactly what to post on social media and do it in less than half the time it typically takes.

​​...that you can reach a larger audience and increase your visibility to potential clients with a simple profile guide.

​...that you can use your social media profiles as a virtual business card and gain credibility with new clients.

​...that you can easily capture leads' contact information and grow your sphere of influence.



The Social Media Makeover Guide will show you how to structure your profile + bio to be found by more  prospects,  30 content prompt ideas + 30 ready-to-use images & a process to capture leads email addresses to grow your sphere of influence.

Social Media Makeover Guide_Electronics Picture_edited.png


Post consistent and quality content!

Get found by more prospects when they are searching for a realtor!

Capture leads contact information and grow your sphere of influence!


30 content prompt_Drop Shadow_Image.png

30 CONTENT PROMPTS that are easy for you to make your own and post to social!

30 images_sales page image.png

30 READY-TO-USE IMAGES for your social media posts!

A GUIDE TO SOCIAL PROFILES so that potential clients can always find you AND see that they can depend on you - all from looking at your social profiles!

visibility_sales page image.png

A GUIDE TO CAPTURE LEADS ON SOCIAL MEDIA - so that you can grow your sphere of influence and learn how to capture those leads online!

Lead Generate_Drop Shadow_Image.png

3 Examples of the Content Prompts + Images

SMMG_ready to use image_4.png


Here's the Buying Process start to finish:

SMMG_ready to use image_9.png


As a buyer, should I skip inspections to make my offer more desirable? Or competitive? hint: NO!

SMMG_ready to use image_30.png


Buying can be overwhelming, prioritize your wants/needs and know your non-negotiable and your deal breakers.


​30 Content Prompts ($107 Value)

​30 Ready Made Content Images ($109 Value)

​​A Guide to Structuring your Social Profiles ($128 Value)

​A Guide to Capture Leads on Social Media ($97 Value)

​BONUS: How to Get Testimonials from Clients ($47 Value)

BONUS: Hashtag Help ($17 Value)

Social Media Makeover Guide_Electronics Picture_edited.png

Total Value: $505

>>For Only $47<<

Save 5+ hours a week AND capture more leads - you will have opportunities to make a LOT more $$$ this YEAR!

And Did You See the BONUS ITEMS?

SMMG_Ad Image_What you get.png


Now more than ever it is CRUCIAL to have client reviews available for your potential clients to see. Did you know that 73% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust businesses more? (AbilitySEO) New clients trust the testimonials much more than your sales pitch - $47 Value for FREE.

After Using the SOCIAL MEDIA MAKEOVER GUIDE, You Will...

  • Have a visible social media profile and can be found by potential clients.

  • ​Know exactly what to post and when.

  • Have credibility for potential clients to begin trusting you and your business before even connecting.

  • ​Know how to capture those leads on social media!

Hello, I'm Kristin


I'm a licensed Realtor® in the state of Oklahoma. I've been a full time agent since 2019.


I grew up in this industry, having both of my parents working in real estate for 30+ years.


When I got my license, it felt like coming home.


I was selected for Property Spark's Top 50 Oklahoma Real Estate Agents on Social Media in 2021.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from the University of New Mexico. 


I LOVE marketing and social media, and discovering ways to use it to grow my business as a Realtor®. 


I created these products and guides because I know how important social media can be for growing a successful real estate business.


I wanted to share this information that can have a HUGE impact on your business. 


It can be exhausting trying to come up with a quality social media post every day of the week. Not to mention time consuming!


Social media and marketing may not be the reason you became a real estate agent, but you can use it as a tool to get more clients. 


When you have more clients, you can increase your income and freedom.


With that, you will have more time to help more people find their dream home or invest in real estate.  


It's time to start working smarter not harder... and this product is the key to helping you do just that!


I get it. I’m a small business owner just like you & need truly valuable resources to help run my business. You work hard for your money & you don't want to waste it on something that doesn't give you results in minutes.


I’m super proud of this social media guide and have worked with multiple realtors to make sure that anyone who buys them will be absolutely thrilled with their purchase.


That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that you will have a new client everyday from this guide, I can guarantee that it will save you a massive amount of time and gain you a lot more visibility + credibility.


If you’re not happy with the product, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

​30 Content Prompts ($107 Value)

​30 Ready Made Content Images ($109 Value)

​​A Guide to Structuring your Social Profiles ($128 Value)

​A Guide to Capture Leads on Social Media ($97 Value)

​BONUS: How to Get Testimonials from Clients ($47 Value)

BONUS: Hashtag Help ($17 Value)


Total Value: $505

>>For Only $47<<

Save 5+ hours a week AND capture more leads - you will have opportunities to make a LOT more $$$ this YEAR!

Social Media Makeover Guide_Electronics Picture_edited.png

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I am new to business & I don't know where to start?

This product is perfect for you! Start your new career off with a bang and get ahead of the competition. You will learn exactly what to post and attract leads!


When do I get access to the files and membership area?

You'll receive an email immediately after your purchase with a downloadable version of the product. Please reach out ASAP if you do not receive it - and you've checked your spam folders. 


Is this a subscription service?

Nope! You pay one time and have access for life!


Is this for Instagram or Facebook?

This product works best with Instagram, however, you can absolutely apply some of these techniques to other social media programs.


Can I customize the graphics with my branding, logo, credentials etc?

You can easily upload the images on Canva and customize them as you'd like. If you have any questions with this, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to walk you through the process. 


What if I decide this isn't for me?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. That's how confident I am that you will absolutely love this resource.


What if I don't want to handle my social media at all?

If you would like to discuss other options for outsourcing your socials altogether, please email me at I'd love to chat with you about your options and see what would be a great fit for you and the success of your business!

If you are ready to save a ton of time and generate leads with your social media account... then click the button below!

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