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Today's Activities, Tomorrow's Success

I took a class recently about having a structured plan to prospect for your business.

The incredible speaker, Athena Captain, was telling us how she scaled her business. She accomplished her first set of goals and that was exciting to hear her share. She asked the class “Do you know how many hours of prospecting I did to reach my goals in that first year?”. People began shouting from the crowd “30 min a day!”, “2 hours!”, “1.5 hours”.

She replied softly, “6 hours everyday, Monday through Friday”

I was shocked. I’m not consistently doing much in my business right now, if I’m being honest. That’s probably why I’ve taken a hit this year. While I have made strides in my business, both financially and developmentally, I’ve done fewer transactions. Which is a direct result of not being consistent and intentional.

In this course with Athena, she continued to tell us the strategy that she used to build the success she has today. If I could break it down and simplify it for you - it’s all about the small, consistent habits that you do every day. (If you want to read more about this and the book that I highly recommend, check out this previous blog post of mine HERE). You never miss a day. Athena prospected for 6 hours every weekday and although it took time, it paid off tremendously.

Also, she didn’t do the typical prospecting. I don’t know about you, but when I think of prospecting, I think of cold calling or calling people you know and asking them “Are you or anyone you know looking to buy, sell or invest?” It is so boring and incredibly annoying to do this. Don’t do it. I don’t care what you’re selling. If you want to be good at any sales job you need to learn now that making those calls is not the way to win, my friend.

It’s important to share that I made the biggest investment yet in my business at the beginning of this year. I invested in a company that promised to help me grow my business and they completely bombed it. Not only did they not deliver, but what they did do, had a negative impact on my business in two ways. In one way, the work they did do for me had a negative impact on my existing clients and the trust I already have with them. In the second way, I wasn’t doing anything for my business because I had hired them to do that. I digress, sadly, that is a horrible story and an expensive lesson I’ll have to share with you on another day.

What you need to do and what Athena taught us is when you make these calls, you’re calling these people to ask them how you can help them. Not your assistant, your office manager, or even your team. You need to call and see what you can do. Do they have a problem that needs solving? Do they need a repairman? A bakery recommendation? Do they need a client for their business? If there is any way that you can help them and connect them with someone that can help them, whether it’s you and your business or not, DO IT.

Athena taught me the importance of being a connector. Instead of focusing on prospecting for your clients and your business specifically - focus on connecting others and growing their businesses and solving their problems. Once you build that trust and you help others immensely, your business and success will follow suit and even better than you could ever imagine.

To take one of my favorite quotes from JFK and give it the business twist:

“Ask not what your prospects can do for you, but what you can do for your prospects”.

As an aside, I was incredibly blown away with Athena Captain. I had heard about her from everyone - all amazing things - I had yet to meet her myself. Now that I have - WHOA! I already signed up for a consultation for her coaching packages. Check out more information on Athena and what she has to offer HERE.



Click HERE to check out Athena Captain and her business.

Click HERE to check out the book I highly recommend and my blog: BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR & WHERE TO BEGIN

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