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5 Tips for Getting your Home Market Ready

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Getting your house ready to sell is no easy task, well, not if you want the most out of it.

Whatever you decide to do or not do to prep your home for sale, is fine, but be aware that the listing price should reflect that choice. I always encourage my clients that addressing these items below can go a long way when listing your home for sale.

  1. Maintenance & Repairs As a homeowner, at times, we can let things fall to the side on our priority list. I get it. Life happens and fixing that busted seal on the dormer window may not be at the top of your list (*cough cough* I should really get that fixed). However, when you’re looking to sell your home you should absolutely address these repairs before listing your property. If you were a buyer and you were looking at two similar homes to buy, the only difference being a few minor maintenance items undone versus being done, which one would you buy? Exactly. Just fix it ahead of time and it won’t be an issue. Not to mention, depending on the item being repaired, sometimes we can market that as “brand new”. Buyers love to see something recently done. It is absolutely a selling point.

  2. Paint Painting may seem like a hassle to most. Either you hate doing it yourself or you hate paying to have it done professionally, but it can make or break your home. I know, I know – it’s just paint. Again, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Remember when we were just talking about how annoying painting, or paying someone to paint is??? When you buy a home do you want to have to factor in paying someone to paint? Or having to schedule around painting it yourself? No. Moving into a new home is a big enough hassle. Just pick a neutral color, and paint the house before you list it. Trust me, it will photograph better, show better, and the buyer’s will appreciate it already being done.

  3. Declutter I cannot emphasize this enough. A tip I’ve learned in the biz, you are selling your home right? Chances are that you are moving to another home right? Go ahead and start packing for your own move. Not only does this help get you in the right mindset with you preparing to sell your home (manifesting is always good), it also an easy way to declutter. A lot of realtors say to stage your home half empty. It sounds strange but it is so true. When your home looks 50% empty it feels bigger. It feels clean and crisp and big and the possibilities seem endless when there is so much space for the buyer to envision living there. Try to limit 1-3 items per foot on the counter spaces, and less is absolutely more.

  4. Clean This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many homes I have seen listed, or that I am showing to potential buyers, and the sellers didn’t bother cleaning it. It shows. Big time. If you were a buyer, would you want to purchase a home that’s dirty? One would assume that a home for sale is going to look it’s very best, right? If that home is dirty on a day that it should look it’s best, what does it look like on it’s worst day? Would you want to buy a home that wasn’t taken care of? It wasn’t cleaned regularly? The answer is always no. I recommend hiring a cleaning crew or company to help out with this before listing your home – especially before listing pictures are taken. This will make an impact on the potential buyers. It will add value to your home, maybe not literal value in the sense of a dollar. However, if you are a buyer, would you rather spend your hard earned dollars on a clean home, or a dirty home? *Check out @gocleango on Instagram for the best cleaning tips ever.

  5. Staging Staging is another simple task that can go a long way for selling your property. After decluttering and cleaning staging is simply placing the furniture and decor items in a way that best flatters the home. I’m constantly searching Pinterest for furniture layouts or how to decorate a bookshelf. There are of course professionals who can stage your home for you at various price points (if you’re local to OKC, I’d love to share my recommendations), but don’t feel like you HAVE to spend the money. As a realtor, I offer my clients help with staging and prepping for photos. A few simple guidelines that I like to stick to would be 1) Keep furniture away from the walls, if possible. This will make the room feel bigger and more intentional. 2) As with decluttering, less is more. Too much furniture can make a room feel small or crowded and this can make it difficult for a potential buyer to picture making it their own. 3) Try to remove personal touches. A lot of realtors say to remove family pictures and touches entirely, but I have to agree with Joanna Gaines, the Magnolia queen herself, on this one. Joanna thinks that a few personal touches are okay. They make the home feel cozy and real. An example would be some family photos, monogrammed items, and maybe artwork or decor items you love. The idea is to have enough personal/family touches that it seems livable, but not so many that it’s overwhelming and again, prevents a potential buyer from seeing themselves living there.

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